About The Goathouse

Why the goat?

Why the goat? Well everyone should acknowledge their roots, so as homage to the history of coffee, we have centered the Goathouse on that historical moment when the Ethiopian goat herder Kaladi first discovered coffee. In fact we’ve even re-enacted that historical moment.

Yes I agree we’ve taken some poetic licence but times are tough and with no marketing budget, we had the boss’s mum stand in.

So, that’s the goat, but what about the coffee? Well the Goat is steeped in coffee. In the back room under our own “Michael Angelo, Sistine Chapel Rendition”, a coffee roaster once sat. It chugged away, pumping out batch after batch of the finest coffees from around the world, until the day came where her belly was full.

Reaching capacity, the roasting was moved off site. But don’t despair, we still stock Fayale coffee. Extracting coffee through various brewing methods, not just great espresso.

We also have beans for you to take home. You can even design your own blend if you wish?

Other than coffee, the Goat has a full kitchen to produce our tasty breakfast/brunch menu, so drop in for a coffee, a bite to eat, or a relaxing “bevy” on the deck from our fully stocked bar. Or if your looking for a function? Hit the functions page for more details.

The goat


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